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How to be a good actor

Thinking of going into acting. Got the bug? Here's a few tips on how to be a good actor...

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First, have a clear understanding of the motivation of the character you are playing in each scene. You need to understand how each scene connects together so that you have a good idea of what is going through your characters mind. It will show up on screen (or on stage) if you're not consistent or act in unexpected ways.

How to Become an Actor's Stand-In

Stand-ins are the unsung heroes of movie making. While an extra will be seen on camera, a stand-in's only role is as a photo double. That's the person who pretends to be the actor while directors are setting up their shots. If actors had to spend the day standing on the set, they would be too tired to do any acting.

How to Find a Manager for Your Acting Career

Actors sometimes have teams of professionals who guide and influence their careers. Talent mangers often play a crucial role in this effort, encouraging career development and helping clients make valuable connections in the entertainment industry. This is often a long-term relationship, so it’s important to choose someone with a solid reputation and with whom you have rapport.

How to Make an Acting Resume With No Experience for Kids

Landing a job in film or theater is contingent upon your skill and experience. But even the best actors were inexperienced at one time. If you have a child who is interested in acting, but has not yet been involved in a production, you will have to rely on his training and skills to fill his resume. While your child will probably not gain a leading role from this kind of resume, he may be cast as an extra or bit player (an actor with only one or two lines), which can give him experience and build his resume for the next production.

How to Get an Acting Agent in Toronto

If you are an aspiring actor living in Toronto, Canada or thinking about moving there, somewhere along the road you will need an acting agent. An agent is the person that represents the actor. He submits the actor for various projects which may lead to auditions and ultimately booking the job. The agent also handles the business aspects for the actor. For instance, he negotiates pay rates for clients and gets all necessary contracts signed. Getting an agent can be challenging, as agencies can be picky in what they are looking for. The actor has to have a thick skin and be able to handle rejection well.

How to Become a Voice Actor for Video Games

Entering the world of voice acting for video games is not easy. Training, practice, investment in your career and lots of perseverance are needed for success in the field. If you have a passion for video games and voice performance, and truly want to pursue this as a career, it is possible to achieve success. As long as you stick with your goal and systematically build your skills and network, a breakthrough will eventually happen.

How to Become a Mexican Actor

What do Benicio Del Toro, Edward James Olmos and Cheech Marin have in common? They're all Mexicans who have found success in Hollywood. Mexicans are an important part of American culture.l As such, they are needed by the movie industry. The number of movie and TV roles for Mexicans has grown tremendously in recent years, opening up many opportunties for Mexican actors to get their big break. That doesn't mean it's easy for a Mexican to break into the movies. Becoming a Mexican actor takes perseverance and determination, as it would for an actor of any race or national origin.

How to Become an Actor or an Actress Without an Agent

The main goal of an agent is to help an actor or actress book work by submitting their head shots and resume to a casting director so they’ll be considered for a part. An agent can be helpful for actors and actresses, but when you first start out, getting one may be difficult, especially if you don’t have much experience in the industry. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get work. It just means you’ll have to be diligent about doing the legwork yourself. Once you start to pick up steady work, you can consider working with an agent to help you get high-profile jobs and parts you may not otherwise know about.

How to Become a Martial Arts Actor

Becoming a martial arts actor is an extremely difficult goal that requires years of intense training and practice. In order to stand out as a martial arts actor, it is best to begin training at a very young age, although a few martial arts stars began training as late as their late teens. Learning to do stunt work and making time to take acting lessons is time consuming, but in the end the skills will make landing that first martial arts acting role well worth it.

How to Become a Voice Actor in Anime

Anime is Japanese animation. When anime enters the American market, the language is changed to English -- which is otherwise known as dubbing. Dubs are performed in small chunks of perhaps a single line. Interpretations must match completed animation, including mouth movements. Breaking into this field can be as challenging as the work itself, and performers generally work alone. Award-winning voice actor Vic Mignogna comments, “It’s tricky delivering a moving, honest performance. It’s trickier than they think.” Mignogna is probably best known for playing Edward Elric, the main character in the “Full Metal Alchemist” series and movies.

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