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Controversy over Whitney Houston card

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news Target retailers have removed from its shelves a greeting card that makes fun of Whitney Houston's choices in men.
The card's inside text advises women to be more selective when picking mates. "Next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston," the card reads.
Jordin Sparks: I Taught Whitney Houston How To Dougie
Bobby Brown, Houston's estranged ex-husband, is believed to be the inspiration behind the card's "bad boy" reference. Houston and Brown were married for 14 years and divorced in 2007. Houston had accused Brown of domestic violence, and some blame Brown for Houston's downward spiral.

Secrets of Houston's most beloved song

pinoy movies - filipino news You probably already knew that Whitney Houston's recording of "I Will Always Love You" is one of the biggest singles of the last 25 years... and the song that defined her legacy, as proven by its use as the lone ballad of homage to Houston at Sunday night's Grammys. Maybe you even know that a not-so-behind-the-scenes songsmith named Dolly Parton wrote and first recorded it, almost 20 years before Whitney spent a then-record 14 weeks at the top of the singles chart in 1992-93 with what turned out to be her signature song.
But did you know that Kevin Costner is the one who found the song for Houston? That a cash dispute scotched an Elvis Presley recording of the tune? Or that Saddam Hussein was also a huge fan? Here are a dozen lesser-known facts about the power ballad that America and the world will always love:
Dolly Parton wrote it about a professional breakup, not a personal one.
When Parton wrote it in 1973, it was as a farewell to her mentor, producer, and longtime duet partner, Porter Wagoner, with whom she never had a romantic relationship. Wagoner was reluctant to have her go solo, to say the least. "It's saying, 'Just because I'm going don't mean I won't love you. I appreciate you and I hope you do great and I appreciate everything you've done, but I'm out of here,'" Parton told CMT. "And I took it in the next morning. I said, 'Sit down, Porter. I've written this song, and I want you to hear it.'... And he was crying. He said, 'That's the prettiest song I ever heard. And you can go, providing I get to produce that record.' And he did." She even sang it on one of her last appearances on Wagoner's TV show in 1974.

Wilber shocked, called Rainie and cried

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News Last night Wilber Pan performed in Zhengzhou, China and watched the Annual Golden Bell Awards via the internet where it was 10 seconds slower than Taiwan's broadcast. When he confirmed that he won, he felt dizzy, from happy to crying.

He received more than 300 congratulatory text message and 700 message through his Weibo. His entertainment friends Jolin, Show Luo, Elva, also congratulated him.

Netizens described the winning of Wilber as the most surprised, the most dumbfounded, the most upsetting award of the night, and some even said “He felt he don’t stand a chance therefore missed the ceremony," Wilber explained that he already agreed to attend the event in China and could not cancel therefore he was not able to attend the ceremony, and it is not what most think.

Jerry Yan dating a model?

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News The Taiwanese heartthrob's fans are happy that he's got a new love

Pan Shuang Shuang, Hannah Quinlivan and Honey Chen.

They were all relatively unknown models until they were linked with famous celebrities, Jay Chou, Aaron Kwok, Show Luo and Raymond Lam respectively.

Another model Celia Zhang might get famous now after she was spotted going to a karaoke with Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan.

When they were about to part ways after their singing session, the pair was seen gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. Jerry even made a "call me" sign before leaving reluctantly.

Member of Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang admits to "naked chat" claim

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News Singer Ye Shou's sexual orientation was also questioned when he was seen dining with author Rui Qi
Recently, several male celebrities from Taiwan were caught in a naked scandal, in which a group of them were said to have appeared naked while chatting online.

Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang's Ye Shou, author Rui Qi, hosts of children programme Milk and Pomelo, as well as actor Chang Yung Cheng were amongst those who were involved in the scandal.

Vivian Hsu abandons her look

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News Vivian Hsu performed without make up for realism
courtesy of

The Wei Te-Shen directed SEEDIQ BALE used the "Wushe Incident" in Taiwan history as its backdrop. The most key scene in the film was the "public school battle". The director asked the actors to cultivate their emotions before the performance. Over 100 actors ran for their lives, even Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yuek Suen) who was used to seeing big scale productions was scared out of her wits along with Irene Luo (Law Mei Ling). Both of their legs went from under them as they sat on the ground. Vivian in the crowded escape scratched her calf, Mei Ling who was carrying a child was pushed to the ground. In order to protect the child she threw herself onto the ground first and even interrupted the shoot. Their professionalism for this major scene left them without any complaint despite the injuries.

Han Geng gets slapped around before bed scene

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News wo super idols Wu Chun and Han Geng in MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN) had to face their first intimate scene in their career. Wu Chun and Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) only needed one or two takes to complete each of their intimate scene, but Han Geng took a whole week. Finally Big S had to slap him three times before he was able to grasp the emotions.

Although Wu Chun had relationship scenes with actresses before, such a passionate and intimate contact was a first time. He thought it was much harder than the Beijing Opera kung fu. Luckily Big S was full of acting experience. On the set she often took great care of him. They very quickly became familiar. During the intimate scenes they had easier chemistry and the result was unexpectedly smooth.

Show Luo's new love exposed

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News The singer's new love, a nightclub girl, was spotted going to his place after work
According to the Taiwanese media, they received a tip-off earlier that Taiwanese singer Show Luo has a newfound love who works at a nightclub.

Two days ago, the media managed to photograph a girl, who spent at least 10 hours, in the singer's residence.

At midnight on June 15, the girl whose surname is Huang, was seen boarding a cab hurriedly after work. As a form of checking if there were paparazzi trailing her, the cab increased and decreased its speed randomly throughout the journey.

Huang was spotted making calls once she alighted from the cab. She also checked her surroundings and walked one round in the back alley before entering Show's house.

Vanness Wu reconciles with ex-girlfriend

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News The couple was spotted holding hands and shopping at a night market

Last April, singer Vanness Wu began dating Arissa, the daughter of a rich Singaporean. Later, it was rumoured that the couple had parted ways in September because Vanness's religious beliefs require him to abstain from "pre-marital sex".

Two days ago, Vanness and Arissa were spotted holding hands and taking a stroll, before returning to Vanness' home. This fueled speculations that the couple had reconciled.

At around 10pm the same day, director Doze Niu was filming an outdoor scene from his new movie Love, which attracted a huge crowd. Amongst the onlookers who were there to watch Shu Qi and Ethan Ruan filming were Vanness and Arissa. However, the pair left after a short while.

Selina Jen's October wedding may not happen

Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood News, Entertainment News After an accident left her badly scarred last October, S.H.E. member Selina Jen had to postpone her wedding which was supposed to be held on Apr 1 this year. Later, Selina's fiance Richard Chang and her father confirmed that the wedding would take place in October.

However, at an event two days ago, Selina's younger sister Kirsten Jen revealed that her sister would not be getting married in October.

"It would still have to depend on her health, but it is not possible [for the wedding to happen] this year," Kirsten admitted.

The rising star let on that Selina is not only busy with her physiotherapy sessions, but is also working hard on training her dog Pinky.

"My sister hopes that Pinky would learn how to carry a basket. She wants it to be her flower girl," Kirsten laughed.

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