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How to Buy Donated Cars in Southern California

Many nonprofit companies accept used cars as a donation. If you live in Southern California, most of the donated used cars end up on the auction block. If you qualify as a needy recipient, you can buy the car from a local charity. Purchasing directly from a local charity can potentially save low-income individuals hundreds of dollars off the market value of the car.

How to Create an Actor's Portfolio

A portfolio is the actor’s version of a resume and shares many resume characteristics. Although some of the standard rules for resumes -- such as always be honest -- also apply to an actor’s portfolio, a portfolio has some other additions unique to the field. Make your portfolio a memorable reflection of your skills, talent and experience.

How to Become a Comic Actor

A comic actor often begins his career in comedy films after a successful career in the stand-up comedy. While becoming a comic actor requires many of the same steps as it takes to become an general actor, honing your skills as a comedian is an important part of the process. Stand-up comedy is one of the most efficient ways to do this. If you want to be a comic actor, learning how to make people laugh as you develop your acting skills is key to your success in the world of funny movies.

How to Become an Actor in Australia

Becoming an actor in Australia is a challenging task that requires relentless determination, professional training without the promise of success and a strong resilience to face the inevitable and constant rejection.

Consider why you want to be an actor because you have to be serious and driven to enter a profession that is unpredictable, fiercely competitive, superficial and judgmental. Few make it as actors, and those who do, are out of work 85 percent of their working lives.

How to Get an Agent for Acting

An agent for acting is an essential part of any successful actor's career. While you can get plenty of acting auditions on your own, you'll need an agent to get auditions of a high caliber. Particularly if you're in a large market such as New York or Los Angeles, an agent can open all kinds of doors for you. It can be difficult to find an agent. Here are some tips.

How to Train Your Voice for Acting

Actors inhabit a wide range of roles and the best actors can bring the most believability to those often incredibly different roles. One of the most important cues to the audience of character is the voice. To properly embody a wide range of characters, the actor must have a flexible voice. Compound this with the necessity to project vocal nuances in live performances so the entire audience can hear, and it becomes clear that voice training is one of an actor's most important practices.

How to Learn Acting at Home

Acting can be a powerful and emotional experience. Actors must connect with strong and complex emotions and work to convey them in a believable and accurate way. Being a good actor is not always easy and requires total commitment from the actor to the role, character and story. The actor must live as that character and embrace the essence of that person in order to deliver a good performance. Acting is something that is difficult to teach but easy to learn if a person gives themselves to the role completely.

How to Get an Actor's Equity Card

Actors' Equity Association, or AEA, is a labor union founded in 1913 to protect the rights of stage actors and stage managers in the United States. Actors' Equity Association makes negotiations for its members regarding wages, health-care options, fair work hours and safe working conditions. Most professional theater in New York City, as well as many national touring companies and professional theater around the United States, use actors that are a part of Actors' Equity Association. There are several contracts Actors' Equity Association members can work under, including benefit contracts and contracts for large and small productions. Follow the steps below to become a member of the Actors' Equity Association.

How to Get Into Acting

Film and theatre productions are constantly on the lookout to find the next big actor. The field of acting is quite competitive, with thousands hoping to break into the profession. Acting requires a number of skills such as good memory, improvisation and a range of speech patterns. Some roles may require song and dance or musical ability on an instrument. Casting directors have a long list of skills they require of an actor.

How to Become an Actor in Chicago

Before embarking upon a career in acting, it's important to understand the difficulties of the profession. While parts of it can be exciting and glamorous, there is a great deal of hard work and effort needed for most actors to succeed. New York City is where the East Coast actors work their trade, Los Angeles is where the West Coast actors congregate and Chicago is the theatrical center for the Midwest.

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