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Kate Tsui Haven't Fully Recovered, Rushes Back to Work

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news On Monday night, Kate Tsui had an accident while shooting for new series My Prime Lady, where she injured her tailbone. Kate was on the floor paralyzed for 10 minutes and cried in pain. She was later accompanied to the emergency room with co-star Dayo Wong and the producer. After two days of rest, Kate returns to work. She was seen in flats and walked carefully into TVB.

Kate expressed her injury is getting better already, she said: "Thank you for your concern. My tailbone is swollen, the X-rays showed no fractures. (Returning to work so fast?) I got a few days doctor's note, but I think I'm fine. I don't want to interrupt the filming schedule and the next few days is only office scenes. I don't have to move that much. They all love me very much. (Are you still going to wear such high heels again?) No other choice, I'm not tall enough. Nobody wants an accident to happen. Even if I was wearing flats that day, I would have fell too. (Dayo Wong felt guilty for not cleaning the water earlier?) It's not his fault, I will talk to him. I'm touched to have my friends and colleagues' comfort."

Raymond Wong plays it safe

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news Actor Raymond Wong cherishes his family, especially his wife Kaka Mok, who gave up on her dreams for him, which is why he is playing it safe when it comes to social interactions.

According to Groove Asia, the actor recently sat down for an interview to promote "Slow Boat Home", and revealed that his family is everything to him.

Disclosing to the media his wife's sacrifice, Raymond stated, "She gave up her dreams for me and our children. She studied oil painting at the art school Emily Carr Institute in Canada that accepts a few Chinese students each year. She hopes to develop her career further and open up an art exhibition centre, but after the birth of our two sons, she decided to focus on the children instead."

Rumored with 'BorBor B' Bella Lam, Bosco Wong: "Let Me Go, Stop Giving Me Rumors!"

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news It has been a while since Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu broke up, but recently a magazine (Oriental Sunday) reported the primary reason of their break up. It is because Bosco was dating 20 year old Bella Lam, who is known as 'Sour Girl' from TVB sitcom Come Home Love . Yesterday after Bosco saw the headline, he exclaimed: "Even I'm starting to feel disgusted. Don't be putting nasty things on me!"

When asked about the rumor again, Bosco lost his patience: "Let me go! We collaborated in Lives of Omission a few years ago and didn't keep in touch at all." Bella reportedly claimed herself as "BorBor B", Bosco immediately begged for mercy: "Stop playing games with me; stop giving me rumors! I just want to film my TV series peacefully. I know everyone is concerned about my love life, but no need to worry. If I encounter Bella again at work, I won't feel awkward."

The Married Raymond Wong, Can't Guarantee He Won't Cheat

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news When Raymond Wong debuted, he was spotted by director Johnnie To, who brought him into the film industry. However because Johnnie saw no improvement in his acting, Raymond went through a period of time where he had absolutely no jobs. This happened about 6 years ago before he joined TVB. From this past experience of seeing no future, Raymond learned to cherish his career and family.

Fear of Having to Pay the Crew's Lunch Bill

Reporter: Before entering TVB, how did you get through 9 months of no work?

Selena Li Denies Dating a Black Male, Exclaims: “I Love Chinese”

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news It has recently been rumored that Selena Li is has been going on dates with her black male friend Reggie Marti (also Fiona Sit's friend), who is the executive of The Venetian Macao. Yesterday Selena was filming a promotional clip for TVB new series Awfully Lawful and denied dating Reggie. She said: "He's just friend. My past boyfriends had always been Chinese guys. I'm very traditional and will only date Chinese guys, so the rumor is impossible. I love Chinese!" She expressed she is still in the "getting to know" stage and hopes her future partner is someone whom she will marry because she does not want to be hurt again.

Gillian Chung's 10 Month Relationship with Mr. K is Game Over

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news Gillian Chung and her Korean boyfriend (Mr. K) officially broke up earlier this month! This means game over on their 10 months relationship! Yesterday afternoon, a reader discovered Ah Sa and Ah Gil removed Mr. K from their list of following on Weibo, which then triggered the break up rumor. Reporters contacted both girls, Ah Sa's assistant expressed Ah Sa is currently resting and will not comment. Their manager Mani Fok said "no comment" via WeChat. The not-admitting-not-denying attitude signals that there must be an issue.

Raymond Lam Takes Karena to Brother's Graduation in US, Secretly Married Too?

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news Since Raymond Lam and Karena Ng announced their romance, their relationship went a thousand miles in a day. Aside from the sweet vacation to Europe, Japan and other places, Raymond also made his love declaration -- he said "really love" Karena 7 times. A few days ago Raymond posted a photo of him and Karena on WeChat and wrote "I love you to the moon and back". Clearly, Raymond regards Karena as his other half. Earlier he took Karena back to his hometown Xiamen to meet his parents and on Friday (May 17th), Karena accompanied Raymond to the US to attend his little brother's college graduation at the University of Southern California (USC). Raymond had always been family-oriented, even if he's extremely busy, he still took time off to attend his brother's graduation with his parents and girlfriend.

Sammo Hung spends on daughter-in-law

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news How lucky it is to be Sammo Hung's daughter-in-law!

According to TVB News World, the martial arts actor-choreographer recently showered his daughter-in-law Janet Chow with gifts worth over HKD 1 million for giving birth to his first grandson.

On 14 May, Sammo hosted his grandson's 100th day celebration with a 15-table banquet, with all expenses paid for by the actor himself.
The "Ip Man 2" actor also awarded Janet with a new car of her choice, to which the Hong Kong actress humbly picked the least expensive Audi Q5, worth HKD 600,000 (app. USD 77,300).

Sheren Tang furious with bad rumours

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news Sheren Tang recently took a stab at the media for continuously making false reports regarding her working relationship with the cast and crew of palace drama, "Beauty At War".

Popular Asians reported that recently, a tabloid claimed that the actress regretted filming the "War And Beauty" sequel after finding out that the series failed to capture audiences' attention with its confusing plot, resulting in an unimpressive 18 points in ratings.

The tabloid also stated that Sheren had criticised the production team for not having the script ready and TVB in not including her in the drama's promotional events, as well as alleging that she has been having problems with co-star, Christine Ng.

Top 10 signs that he's 'The One'

Celebrity Gossip - Hollywood Entertainment news According to a new poll out today, women know they’ve found ‘The One’ when friends and family like him too. Ladies admitted that their ideal man is someone who would give them emotional stability while getting the thumbs-up from loved ones.

And men? Apparently physical attraction, compatibility and the fact they’re not lusting after other women is the biggest sign they’re loved-up.

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