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How to Get a Hollywood Acting Agent?

While getting a Hollywood acting agent takes time and dedication for some people, other people get by on luck. Some techniques might help you land an agent, although getting an agent depends on someone wanting to discover you. Hollywood is focused on the look that actors have; you may consider putting additional attention into your look. You don't have to look the way every other starlet does; people with different looks have their place in movies and television too. Embrace your appearance, and begin to market it.

Things You'll Need

Acting resume


Create an online portfolio with your acting clips, resume and a professional photograph of your face, called a headshot. A lot of networking is done on the Internet. You can save on your marketing costs by compiling your information together and sending it to agents via e-mail. Having your information on a website makes your information accessible to them. Websites you might consider joining include LA Casting and Actors Access. Actors Access is a free service that can list your agency's information on it when they represent you. If you already have an Actors Access account, they may be eager to sign you.

Create mailings for agencies after you have e-mailed them. Make sure they are interested first; they should respond and sound eager. Hopefully, they request a few headshots to keep on file. You can also send postcards with high-quality headshots printed on them. Businesses such as Reproductions ( are highly regarded in the entertainment business for this type of printing work. When you send a postcard, keep your message short. You don't want agents squinting to read several paragraphs. The point is to update them about one or two major events, including Screen Actors Guild eligible work.

Keep in contact with agents who appear to respond favorably to your work. If they offer you a contract, you should not have to sign it instantly. Asking them the best method to contact them is a respectable step. It ensures that you won't appear overly clingy by contacting them by telephone if it annoys them. Asking an agent once every few weeks about whether auditions are coming in for you is a smart way too stay in touch. If an agent says she represents you, she should be able to get you at least a few auditions a week.

Go to the auditions your agent sends you on if you know that you really want the gig. Don't just accept an audition because you haven't gotten many. You need to know if the part is risque. Otherwise, you might show up for an audition that requires partial nudity and refuse to do it, which might reflect poorly on you and your agent. Make sure that you are 100% informed about what the audition is about every time.

Tips & Warnings

Ask your agent about photographers for an updated headshot. She might offer you a free photo shoot if she has good connections.
Show up 15 minutes early to auditions.

Don't repeatedly send mailings to an agent who is not contacting you. Take her distant attitude as a hint to play hard to get.

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